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Welcome to the home of Lewitt bass guitars

Kiaat and Zebrano Lewitt Bass Guitar

Lewitt bass guitars are proudly South African, manufactured in a variety of responsibly sourced hardwoods.

Opting for a true bolt-on style, 34 inch double octave neck traditionally crafted in Maple, with a solid brass nut available in black chrome or natural.

Add your personal touch; choose from a variety of colours, or the earthy tones of natural hardwoods.

Pick-ups are handmade in our factory, designed by profesional musicians for musicians. More about this on our pick-up page.

Fitted with active electronics to power the  under-saddle Piezo bridge, and eight coil humbuckers.

Blend volume controls to achieve a complete tonal range, from natural acoustic to the full power of a growling humbucker.

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